I have had the good fortune and pleasure of hunting elk in the State of Utah from 2006 through 2017. Each of the hunts has been an overwhelming success and a truly great outdoor experience. I owe all of these lifetime memories to my guide for the past seven years, Mr. Bryant Johnson.

Bryant conducts himself as a true professional. He is an excellent hunter and a dedicated sportsman. As a guide he works tirelessly not only to find game but to provide a good hunt with excellent camp conditions. His knowledge of game habits and habitat is excellent and he has the uncanny ability to know exactly where he is at all times.

I have harvested game on all my hunts with Bryant.

All of the elk taken are trophy quality bulls and have

been or will be mounted. The duration of the hunts has

ranged from one to ten days. His demeanor never changes

regardless of conditions or challenges. He is always personable,

considerate, respectful and upbeat. And, on numerous occasions

has gone out of his way to show me some of the outstanding natural

beauty of your state.

Bryant made a request for this letter. In my professional

experrience "to whom it may concern" letters often lack the

standing of a personal letter. If there is any doubt as to the

validity of content or sincerity expressed in this letter, please

do not hesitate to contact me personally. I may be reached at the following:

              Office: 866-465-7710

               Cell: 903-870-8035

               Email: dcole@coleservices.com

In closing I can say without a doubt that I will continue to hunt with Bryant Johnson for as long as I hunt Utah or for as long as he will guide me.


David Cole

Here you will find a list of those who have hunted with us. Give them a call with any questions about our services.

Passionate About Hunting

My wife hunted with Bryant on a muzzleloader elk hunt in 2016 and we can not say enough about how respectful, professional and hardworking Bryant and his crew were on this special hunt.

 We discussed with Bryant that we were looking for a great experience and not just a trophy bull. Bryant, Cory and Rusty provided a GREAT experience AND a 392 inch bull of a lifetime.

We will continue to use and highly recommend Gone Hunting Outfitters!

Lee Dawson

In September 2012, I had the great privilege of bow hunting elk

in the Tushar Mountains with Bryant Johnson. It did not take long

into the hunt to realize that Bryant leaves nothing to chance in

preparing for an elk hunt. He has spent the better part of his life

chasing various species throughout the Beaver Unit and knows

each drainage like the back of his hand. He put in endless hours

marking bulls through the summer prior to my hunt. From the

"Get Go", I felt Bryant would get me on the elk.

On the second morning of the hunt, Bryant had me in the

"catbird's" seat with a 380+ bull grazing within bow range. It is

one thing to pull of the shot, but the ability to put a novice bow

hunter in that position is truly an art. I believe Bryant was as

proud of the harvest as I was.

Bryant is every inch a hunter. He is as honest and hard working a professional as you will ever come across. Come to the hunt in good shape, and Bryant will put you in front of an animal. I look forward to my next hunt with him.

Dr. Sam Bradley, DVM           Phone 310-339-7666

Hunter David Cole

The decision to hire a guide is huge! My once-in-a-life-time hunt

with Bryant Johnson was incredible, with absolutely no regrets.

Harvesting a desert ram in the most remote and unforgiving

country, like the Escalante of Southern Utah requires a lot more

than dumb luck.

I am an avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast and have been

forunate to have some great experiences and to harvest

respectable trophy quality animals - on my own. I will admit

that I do not have all the skills and knowledge  for all hunting

areas, situations and game, and need competent persons to

assist me at times. No one ever wants to have regrets when they

go to so much effort to have a worthy hunt; therefore, a guide is

a must... He must be motivated and posses a higher level of skill

and competence to help fulfill the aspirations of a hunter to assist in harvesting the dream trophy animal, while having a

quality outdoor experience. 

Bryant was and is the ideal guide ( now a good friend, too): Physical Strength and Agility; Glassing and Stalking; Outdoor Knowledge and Expertise; Innate Sense for Wildlife and Surroundings; are all part of his God-given abilities - he is the complete and ideal package. If he hasn't done it, he can and will just as long as you permit. His drive and "won't quit" attitude are inspiring. Bryant will go as fast and hard as you want, but in a quite and personal way, as to not create  unnecessary stress in an already exciting and emotionally charged situation. I put perfect trust in him, on my sheep hunt, and it paid off from the moment I stepped out of the truck and into my personal adventure. I have since had numerous interactions both in and out of the field, with Bryant, and what I do know about him is that he is consistent. When a quality hunt is on my agenda, Bryant is always on my list as a teammate and confidante. He can make any hunt quality and memorable.


Warren Kirk                                   Phone 801-867-0404

Hunter Warren Kirk

Hunter Dr. Sam Bradley 2012 Beaver Archery

Mechelle & Lee Dawson

​2016 Beaver Muzz

  Brett Miller

​I have known Bryant Johnson for many years. There are a lot of outfitters and guides available out there but you won't find a harder working Outfitter/Guide for the hunter than Bryant Johnson! From the time you book a hunt with him he will work tirelessly in his efforts to help you locate and harvest your dream animal!

He is tough, driven, knowledgeable, honest, passionate and dedicated to making your hunt a memorable one!

I will vouch for his character any day! If you have any questions at all that I can answer about Bryant, please do not hesitate to call me @ 801-971-7359.

Sincerely, Brett Miller 

South Jordan, Utah

Other Hunters

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Bret Caldwell - Prior Partner in High Desert Sheep Guides

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