​​Elk Hu​nts

Elk Hunting in Utah is second to none! With a diverse landscape and Giant bulls scattered throughout, Utah is a must go to state for anybody searching for a true trophy elk. Hunting opportunities are limited for the trophy units and can be drawn through the public draw or purchased at conservation banquets. We offer Elk hunts throughout Southern Utah where we have spent countless hours. Learning the habits and  rutting patterns of the Elk herds. (Elk Units we Guide in - Beaver, Boulder, Monroe, Mt Dutton, Pahvant, and Fishlake).  Contact us today to arrange to have us bid on a tag for you or help with where to apply. Utah Applications accepted Jan 28th to Feb 3rd, 2016. Results in May. We also offer spike and cow hunts upon request and availability!

Antelope, Mt Goat, & Buffalo


Antelope hunts in Utah are relatively easy. The hard part is finding a buck with any size. Both draw and auction tags are available. Give us a call so we can determine what options are best to serve your needs.

Mt Goat

Utah has a small number of Mt Goat units. If you are hunting Mt Goat on the Beaver, then Gone Hunting should be your Outfitter!


The Henry Mts is a definite once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt Buffalo. This is a hunt you will never forget. Let us make it a success for you call us today to book this Once in a Lifetime adventure!

Passionate About Hunting

Mule Deer Hunts

The Mule Deer in Utah are doing well! From the Henry Mtns to the general draw units Utah is producing multiple 200+ Inch deer each year. If you draw a permit or are interested in purchasing one from a live auction then give us a call and see if we can assist you in achieving your goals. In order to have the best chance at a Trophy Buck will largely depend on what area you get a tag for. Any unit can produce a giant buck but you will have a much better chance at harvesting one on the Premium Units.  We hunt most units located in Southern Utah! Contact us to discuss what areas are producing the best animals prior to applying!