Who We Are

Owner Outfitter Bryant Johnson grew up at the base of the Tushar Mountains in Southern Utah ( Beaver Unit). Growing up on a farm my dad made it a point to take his boys on the mountain as much as possible. and taught us all to hunt and fish. As soon as I was old enough to find my own way on the Mtn I started spending more time on my own learning the ins and outs of Mountains near my home. Over time my love for hunting turned to an addiction and soon I was hunting or on the mountain anytime I could get away. Before long I was taking other hunters in search of their trophy's. After a few years guiding hunters for other outfitters, I was asked to become a partner in High Desert Sheep Guides with my brother Randy and partner Brett Caldwell. I spent three years as a partner before making the decision to start my own Outfitting business Gone Hunting. I spent three years as the sole owner of Gone Hunting and in ​2016 I partnered with Cory Elmer & Russty Edwards who I am confident will both be valuable assetts to Gone Hunting. I have over 12 years guiding hunters and many more years gaining the knowledge a Class A Outfitter should have! 

What Do We Hunt

Gone Hunting specializes in Elk, Deer, Antelope, Mt Goat, and Buffalo. We take a small amount of hunters each year and in return you get a First Class Hunt. Most hunts will take place with Outfitter Bryant Johnson or Cory Elmer also guiding you on your hunt. Because we don't hire a lot of guides and only book a few hunters each year we don't have to juggle our time between several hunters and can give you the effort you deserve on your hunt for that once in a lifetime trophy. First Class camp with a extreme hunter work ethic. You get our full effort to provide you with the quality hunt you deserve when hiring a Outfitted Hunt! 

Where Do We Hunt

Growing up in Southern Utah we have gained  a lot of knowledge and experience hunting the areas we guide in. 

Beaver - Elk, Goat, Deer, Antelope

Boulder - Elk, Deer, Antelope

Dutton - Elk and Deer, Antelope

Fishlake - Elk, Deer

Henry Mtn's - Deer, Buffalo

Monroe -  Elk, Deer

Pahvant - Elk, Deer

Paunsagaunt - Deer, Elk

Southwest Desert - Elk, Deer, Antelope

Year Round Scouting



Why hunt with us?

There’s nothing quite like the outdoors. With your boots tied tight, pack on your back, and a tag in your pocket. Your next Trophy hunt awaits at Gone Hunting Outfitters. Let us take you on your next hunt with the confidence of having a First Class Outfitter at your side! With 10+ years experience guiding hunters throughout Utah for different species and a lifetime of hunting these same areas, Gone Hunting Outfitters  knows what it takes to be successful hunting trophy animals. In 2012 Bryant guided David Cole to the #10 Utah all time, typical elk with the assistance of some good friends and has taken or guided many more trophy animals!!!  


So, get your pack on, choose your weapon and schedule your hunt with Gone Hunting Outfitter today!

Passionate About Hunting